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1.8M "W" Section Steel Palisade FencingMcArthurs Palisade fencing is made from cold rolled steel adn is supplied with steel posts and all the required fixings. Available in Galvanised or Powder Coated in any RAL colour. As the original manufacturer we are able to provide any height Palisade fencing you need.  We keep stock of the Palisade systems, in general we have quantity of 1.8M, 2.0M, 2.2M and 2.4M but we are geared up to produce any quantity at any height you require. Get in touch for the best price 01562 519915.

Palisade Security Gates

Palisade is a high level security system for the perimeter of your property.

As the original manufacturer and not a middle-man, McArthurs are also able to build your gates too. Please remember that the width of your gates have an impact on the thickness of supporting posts needed. If you use a steel less robust than it needs to be, your gates will start to drop and cause you problems. For more information on Palisade Gates call us with the details of your requirements and our expert staff will advise you on the correct posts, rails and fixings.

McArthurs Fencing Steel Security Palisade Pale Tops

The most popular type of palisade head is Triple Point. We produce 5 types of heads :- Square, Single Point, Triple Point, Round and Rounded Notched. The same design can also be used on Palisade Gates.


All of our palisade fence systems are hot dip galvanized after manufacture, but you do also have the option to have them powder coated after that. Powder coating adds aesthetic appeal and improves the corrosion resistance of steel fencing, so it’s a worthwhile investment in durability and style. Our fences are generally available in black, green and white, but other colors are available on request, subject to quote.


Our fences are constructed using strong, high quality security bolts and nuts. Because your fence is only as strong as it’s weakest part. Once our fences are up, they’re very hard to take apart.

Fencing Fixings


Our fences are designed to mix and match, and there are virtually endless combinations of components, finishes, heights and installation methods you can choose, to create the fence you need.

We work with our customers to design a perimeter security fence system that meets their security needs, their budget, and their aesthetic requirements.

Some of the basic options you will choose include:

  • W or D Profile
  • Height
  • Head Design
  • Colour/Finish
  • Gates
Palisade Fencing Profiles


We source our steel from European suppliers and distributors, and use only the best quality,  approved coil, beams and structural sections to construct our fencing.  A solid structure means you get a solid fence, and that’s exactly what the growing security needs demand.

Black Steel Coils Palisade Fencing Manufacturers


We hot dip galvanise our products after manufacture, which means that every cut and weld is protected from the elements. Because your fence is only as corrosion resistant as it’s weakest points. If your fence supplier is galvanizsng their material before it’s been cut and fabricated, your fence may not stand up to the elements the way it should.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Palisade Fencing


There’s an old saying: if you want something done right, do it yourself. We firmly believe that that’s the best way to ensure that our fence products meet our high standards, and that’s why we make them ourselves, in our Worcestershire based workshops.

Welded in McArthurs Factory

Prices can change from time to time. For the best prices please call McArthurs Fencing on 01562 519915. Dismiss